The group of Afokantan consists of two sister companies that work closely together on one single mission and vision. Afokantan wants to buy, process and sell high quality cashew nuts in in an economically viable, ecologically sustainable and social responsible way.

Poverty alleviation for the farmers and farmer groups are an imbedded goal for the company.

Processing RCN in Benin, creating employment, farmer value, and a sustainable and long term buyer for RCN from farmers, growing their crops and hence their income.

With its license to buy and export Raw Cashew Nut (RCN), Afokantan Genese Benin (AGB) serves as buyer of RCN for Afokantan Benin Cashew (ABC, the factory) and exports RCN directly when farmers volumes are larger than the processing capacity of ABC.




ABC processes RCN into white kernels and exports them under the international renown brand : Pride of Africa – Benin.

Afokantan preferably works with farmer groups, amongst whom are many women groups as well. Close to 50 % is procured directly from farmer groups (2016). This ensures economies of scale and traceability and sustainability, guaranteeing farmers a good price for good quality RCN.

All Afokantans product is marketed by TDI, the sister company of its main shareholder White Bird International.

Afokantans kernels are marketed under the brand name “Pride of Africa”, which is an international brand which is offering African Cashew processors a platform to market their high quality Cashew kernels to the international market, using the strength and full benefits of the brand “Pride of Africa”.

The goal of the brand is to market African processed Cashew kernels, all of a controlled and certified quality, to medium and large international buyers. It provides smaller cashew nut processors the opportunity to sell all grades of cashew nut kernels at favorable conditions, offering profit share on the sales and a guaranteed market for all the grades coming out of the production, building a long term sustainable future.