Afokantan Benin Cashew S.A. was created in 2006 by a Dutch-based investment company White Bird International B.V (WBI) and a Beninese entrepreneur, Kenza Investissements S.A. (KENZA). At its foundation, Afokantan was the first and only privately owned large-scale cashew processing factory in Benin, with an installed capacity of 1,500 Metric Tonnes Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) per year. The company was founded specifically to counter the general trend of exporting Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) to Asia, without any value added locally.

Due to poor management and difficulties in finding sufficient workers in the Tchaourou area, the company never reached its full production capacity. Early 2012 Dutch manager Mr. Leonard Penning, was recruited to improve the company’s performance. After a thorough analysis the decision was taken to temporarily stop the processing activities in order to re-organize the company, this process was completed end 2012. Investments were made, auto shelling equipment installed, the production team re-trained and the processing commenced again.

Furthermore, Afokantan Genese Benin (AGB) was founded. A company active in farmer training, farmer development and procurement. In 2014 KENZA left the company as shareholder, and Dutch-based social investment company Incluvest B.V. (ICV) invested in the project because the goals and mission of Afokantan fit 100% in the goals and mission of ICV. Currently WBI owns 80 % and Incluvest 20 % of ABC’s and AGB’s share capital. Both human capital and working facilities have received a serious upgrade. A new General Processing Director, Mr. Mark van Sleeuwen, was appointed in the course of 2014 to manage the processing company. Late 2014 processing operations resumed and at the turn of the year the first shipment of Cashew kernels have been sent to international customers.

Our Mision is to: “Passionately use our knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable economies in Africa.” Our Vision: “Economic development of Africa can only be successful when the local community is empowered to determine their own destiny. As a Group we want to stimulate the local economy in Africa by creating and stimulating employment, resulting in fair income for the poorest, and as a spin off: fair buying conditions to source basic needs.”